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Thomas Worthington

Gov. Thomas Worthington

  • December 8, 1814 - December 14, 1818
  • Democratic-Republican
  • July 16, 1773
  • June 20, 1827
  • West Virginia
  • Married Eleanor Van Swearingen; ten children
  • Senator


THOMAS WORTHINGTON, the sixth governor of Ohio, was born in Charles Town, West Virginia on July 16, 1773. His early education was limited and attained in the common schools of his native state. After spending two years in the merchant marine, Worthington returned home and resumed his education, studying for a career in surveying. In 1798 he moved his family to Ross County, Ohio, and settled just outside of Chillicothe. Worthington first entered politics as a member of the Territorial House of Representatives, a position he held from 1799 to 1803 and held again in 1807. He also served as a delegate to the 1803 Constitutional Convention; and was a member of the U.S. Senate from 1803 to 1807 and 1810 to 1814. Worthington next secured the Democratic-Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor in 1814. He went on to win reelection to a second term in 1816. During his tenure, penal reform measures were lobbied for; regulations in the banking industry were promoted; educational improvements were endorsed; and funds were approved for a state library. After completing his term, Worthington won reelection to the Ohio House of Representatives, an office he held from 1821 to 1825. He also served as canal commissioner from 1818 until his death on June 20, 1827. Governor Thomas Worthington was buried in the Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe, Ohio.


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