The National Governors Association Governors’ Spouses’ Program was formally established in 1985. The program provides governors’ spouses with opportunities to learn about the latest research, trends and activities in their areas of interest and to share experiences and advice with colleagues about their unique role and responsibilities. Spouses meet during the NGA Winter and Summer Meetings and at other NGA forums and events.

Spouses' Leadership Committee (SLC)

The six‐member, bipartisan SLC guides the Spouses’ Program. The SLC chair is invited to identify an initiative or issue that serves as a focus for Spouses’ Program meeting sessions or activities.

Lauren Baker

First Lady of Massachusetts

Dawn Amano-Ige

First Lady of Hawaii

Lisa Bullock

First Lady of Montana
Vice Chair

Donna Edwards

First Lady of Louisiana

Susan Hutchinson

First Lady of Arkansas

Linda Daugaard

First Lady of South Dakota

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