As emissaries and what some have called the “new ambassadors,” the nation’s governors are leading on international trade, driving billions in economic activity. The time for governors to take a leadership role in international engagement is now.

Sharing Connections and Best Practices

NGA Global creates opportunities for governors to convene and collaborate with their counterparts across the globe, including heads of state, global thought leaders and foreign executives.

KEEPING PACE: Across the U.S., governors are focused on creating mutually beneficial international partnerships to strengthen their economies and ensure their states are internationally competitive.

Events & Programs

Convene with International Leaders

At NGA’s 2017 Summer Meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended to discuss trade along with subnational leaders and ambassadors from 6 countries.

Partner with Global Organizations

NGA partners with an array of globally recognized organizations working to address policy challenges, from the German Marshall Fund to the China General Chamber of Commerce.

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The North American Summit — May 4-6, 2018

The National Governors Association (NGA), in conjunction with the National Conference of Mexican Governors (CONAGO) and the Council of the Federation (COF), hosted the summit of North America’s governors and premiers from May 4-6 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

TAKING ON TOUGH ISSUES: The two-day event cultivated essential subnational relationships across the continent. Governors and Premiers, along with their trade representatives and economic advisors, discussed the following issues: Infrastructure, Investment, Energy, Agriculture, Supply Chain Logistics, Labor Mobility, and Workforce Development

Are you globally competitive?

NGA connects governors with international stakeholders to expand investment in the states and increase mutually beneficial information and best practice sharing between countries. Are you ready to go global?