Healthcare Delivery

Governors know that improving the health of citizens is not only essential to ensuring they live productive lives, but also to controlling health care costs and balancing budgets; as a result, states are leading on a wide array of health reform initiatives.

Governors are focused on finding ways to pay for and deliver care that will lead to improved quality, better outcomes and lower costs in their states. To support these priorities, NGA provides information, research synthesis, policy analysis, technical assistance, special projects, and resources to Governors and their staff on healthcare delivery topics including: Healthcare workforce; Long-term care and older adults; Healthcare and pharmaceutical cost and coverage; Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma informed care; Health equity. NGA also provides special opportunities for states to engage in more in-depth technical assistance such as through policy academies, learning collaboratives, workshops, and roundtables on these topics.

Services Available

  • Strategic planning facilitation and best practice guidance on healthcare delivery topics or initiatives
  • Strategic guidance, feedback and meeting facilitation support to Governor-appointed healthcare workforce, health equity, trauma, and insurance boards or commissions
  • Annual HHS Advisors Institute for state leaders on emerging healthcare delivery issues
  • Regular communications and briefings to health policy advisors on healthcare delivery topics
  • Customized research briefs and best practice presentations upon request

Program Contact:

  • Anna Heard, Senior Policy Analyst, Health
  • Chyenne Tran, Policy Analyst
  • Grace Burns, Policy Coordinator

Focus Areas

Featured Projects

Next Generation of the Healthcare Workforce Project Year 3 – Policy Academy and Knowledge Exchange Network

NGA launched the Next Generation of the Healthcare Workforce project in 2022 with support from HRSA. The project supports Governors’ offices and other senior state officials in implementing strategies to strengthen and grow the next generation of the healthcare workforce. Year three of this project will focus on a policy academy and learning network to lay the foundation for new initiatives, funding opportunities, or administrative policies for improving healthcare workforce.

Health Equity Learning Network

In 2023, the NGA Center convened states to discuss approaches and communication strategies regarding health equity. In 2024, the NGA Center will facilitate a learning network of states and territories interested in advancing their health equity goals.

Healthcare Delivery Library

NGA 2018 Winter Meeting

NGA 2018 Winter Meeting

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2018 Winter Meeting — Plenary Session 3: The Opioid Crisis: What’s Working and Where Do We Go Next

2018 Winter Meeting — Plenary Session 3: The Opioid Crisis: What’s Working and Where Do We Go Next

The Opioid Crisis: What’s Working and Where Do We Go Next with: Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts, Chair, Health and Human Services CommitteeGovernor Kate Brown, Oregon, Vice Chair, Health and Human ...

NGA Announces New Projects To Combat Opioid Epidemic

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Governors Commend Congress for CHIP Passage

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today released the following statement on Congress’ reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years: “The nation’s governors thank Congress for passing ...

Governors’ Recommendations for Federal Action to End the Nation’s Opioid Crisis

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Governors Release Recommendations for Addressing Opioid Epidemic

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today released recommendations to Congress and the Administration calling for action to bolster the federal response to the opioid crisis. “The opioid and heroin epidemic ...

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