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Natural Resources Committee Policy Positions

February 26, 2017

NR-01 Environmental Protection

The nation's governors are committed to protecting public health and conserving the environment for the American people. The future success of environmental protection and remediation efforts depends upon the continued successful implementation of programs at the state and local levels. To further the progress made to date, governors pledge to continue to promote environmentally sound policies within their state and work with Congress and the Administration on the development of new or revised federal environmental programs.

February 26, 2017

NR-02 Domestic Energy

The national security and economic well-being of our nation are predicated on the affordable, environmentally sustainable supply and efficient use of energy. Significant changes in the way that the United States both produces and consumes energy have occurred in recent years. In order to capitalize on these changes, the infrastructure used to move energy resources from production facilities to markets must be evaluated, and where necessary, modernized and updated.

February 26, 2017

NR-03 Natural Resources

The nation's governors are concerned about the growing challenges facing both state and federal agencies in managing and protecting our natural resources. As the United States' diverse population rapidly expands, governors nationwide are addressing the issue of how best to use America's land while preserving community character and protecting environmental health.