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Richard Howley

Gov. Richard Howley

  • January 4, 1780 - May 23, 1780
  • Whig
  • January 1, 1740
  • December 1, 1784
  • Georgia
  • Member of the Continental Congress


RICHARD HOWLEY, governor of Georgia, was born near Savannah, Georgia in St. John’s Parish in about 1740. His early education was attained in the common schools of his native state. He went on to study law, and then established a successful legal practice near Sunbury, Georgia. Howley first entered politics in 1779, serving as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, a position he held four years. He also served on the Executive Council from 1779 to 1780 and as its President in December, 1779. Howley next won election to the governor’s office on January 4, 1780, and immediately was elected to the Continental Congress. During his short tenure, paper money decreased in value and steps were taken to restore its worth. Also, the town of Washington in Wilkes County was founded. Howley served as a member of the Continental Congress from July 6, 1780, to 1781, as associate justice from May 1 to October 1, 1782; and as chief justice of Georgia from October 1, 1782 to February 5, 1783. Governor Richard Howley passed away in Savannah in December 1784.


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