Stages of a Three-Branch Approach

  • Stage 1

    Identify The Issue

  • Stage 2

    Create The Core Team

  • Stage 3

    Identify The Desired Outcome

  • Stage 4

    Investigate The Factors That Affect The Desired Outcome

  • Stage 5

    Build The Strategies That Will Achieve The Desired Outcome

  • Stage 6

    Create A Strategic Plan

  • Stage 7

    Implement The Strategic Plan

  • Stage 8

    Track, Monitor And Adjust

Quick Case Study

The Three-Branch Approach in Oregon

In 2018, Oregon’s Senate Committee on Human Services established a threebranch work group to address policy, budget and communication needs related to implementation of the 2018 federal Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First). This effort, spearheaded by the committee chair, who was also the state team lead for Oregon’s 2016-2017 Three Branch Institute on Improving Child Safety and Preventing Child Fatalities, aims to identify actions Oregon can take to meet the requirements of Family First.