CJPA Briefing on Considerations for Women in Correctional Settings

On Thursday, May 23rd, the National Governors Association (NGA) hosted its monthly briefing for the Criminal Justice Policy Advisors (CJPA) network. The briefing discussed policy considerations for women in state correctional facilities and the challenges they face upon release. 

The briefing featured remarks from Dr. Emily Salisbury, Director of the Utah Criminal Justice Center and Associate Professor at the College of Social Work at the University of Utah, and Amanda Woolford, Director of Women’s Programs at the Maine Department of Corrections. The briefing included a discussion of the characteristics of women in the criminal justice system and how states corrections departments can support their needs to achieve positive outcomes post-release. The briefing concluded with a discussion of the use of a trauma-informed response and tailored risk-assessment tools for justice-involved women.

NGA holds monthly briefings for Governors’ Criminal Justice Policy Advisors. Please reach out to Maria Kearl (mkearl@nga.org) for additional information.