Membership Monthly – September 2022

Updates from the NGA Membership Team for September 2022. For more about the programs below and a list of upcoming events please email us at:

As the country continues to observe National Suicide Prevention Month throughout September, NGA remains focused on amplifying the bipartisan work Governors are leading to address behavioral health needs and suicide prevention, including states’ efforts to raise awareness about 988, the new number Americans can use to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Governors’ focus on mental health also ties directly to the work NGA Chair New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is leading through his Chair’s Initiative to strengthen youth mental health care.

Governor Murphy Convenes Experts

As part of his Chair’s Initiative to strengthen youth mental health care, NGA Chair New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently convened a group of experts from across multiple sectors for a robust discussion regarding best practices for addressing youth mental health and maternal and infant health policies in the states. The meeting was the first in a series of convenings that will take place in the coming months to focus on the top priorities detailed in Governor Murphy’s Chair’s Initiative.

Government Relations

NGA Urges One-Year Extension of TANF

Last week, NGA and a coalition of 11 membership associations representing states, public agencies and institutions that support the state and local workforce and health and human services systems sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee and House Committee on Ways & Mean surging Congress to provide a one-year extension of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

NGA Supports Inclusion of State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Fiscal Recovery, Infrastructure, and Disaster Relief Flexibility Act in Next Legislative or Spending Vehicle

Last week, NGA joined with the leading organizations that represent state and local governments –The United States Conference of Mayors, National Conference of State Legislatures, The Council of State Governments, International City/County Management Association, National Association of Counties, and National League of Cities– to send a letter to Congressional leadership to urge the inclusion of the bipartisan State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Fiscal Recovery, Infrastructure, and Disaster Relief Flexibility Act (S. 3011/H.R. 5735) in the next legislative or spending vehicle so that it can be signed into law.  

NGA Statement on Action to Address Teacher Shortages and the Educator Workforce

National Governors Association Chair New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Vice Chair Utah Governor Spencer Cox released the following statement regarding the administration’s efforts to address teacher shortages and support the educator workforce as schools reopen for the 2022/2023 school year.

“Governors welcome the steps taken by the White House and the Departments of Education and Labor to support states and territories as they invest in their educator workforce. Governors are on the forefront of developing creative strategies to recruit, train and retain qualified teachers. Governors and legislators across the country are dedicating state and federal American Rescue Plan dollars to increase support for teachers and address school staffing shortages in a myriad of ways. We are glad to see federal partners recognizing the teacher shortage and collaborating with the private sector to promote careers in education and strengthen teacher pipelines. We also appreciate the Department of Labor’s increased focus on teacher apprenticeship programs and encourage the Department to be flexible in working with states/ territories as they experiment with and elevate successful models that produce high quality educators.”

Google Gives $20M in Computer Science Education Funding

Google worked with NGA to support former Chairman Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s Chairman’s Initiative to bolster K-12 Computer Science Education across the U.S. As part of Google’s ongoing commitment to advance computer science education, the company has announced $20 million in new commitments to expand computer science education among communities that are underrepresented in the field. The company expects its funds to improve educational access for more than 11 million American students.

NGA Activities

NGA Hosts 2022 Institute for State Criminal Justice and Public Safety Executives

In partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA), NGA recently hosted the 2022 Institute for State Criminal Justice and Public Safety Executives in Annapolis, Maryland. The meeting brought together Governors’ criminal justice policy advisors (CJPAs) and state administering agency executives (SAAs) from each state to discuss key criminal justice and public safety issues, share successes and challenges and highlight best practices. At the first session, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan welcomed attendees and provided an overview of the meeting.

NGA Hosts Learning Lab in North Carolina

NGA recently convened Governors’ staff and state leaders from more than 20 states and territories to NGA’s Energy and Critical Infrastructure Resilience State Learning Lab in Wilmington, North Carolina. Participants explored policy, technical and financial solutions that can be deployed to address state- and territory-specific resilience prioritization concerns, identify cross-cutting threats to energy and critical infrastructure, support vulnerable communities, and prioritize investments to effectively improve energy and critical infrastructure resilience.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper welcomed attendees. The Governor’s remarks underscored the threats facing the states and the importance of statewide resilience planning, highlighting the need to develop more climate-resilient energy and transportation systems.

NGA Hosts Workforce Symposium in Oklahoma

The National Association of State Workforce Board Chairs recently met in Oklahoma City leading up to NGA’s 2022 Summer Workforce Symposium. State workforce leaders met to discuss workforce challenges and initiatives, including reducing barriers to workforce participation and ensuring optimization of state workforce efforts.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt addressed attendees during a reception at the Oklahoma History Center.

NGA Releases Diabetes Paper

NGA released the paper State Strategies On Preventing And Managing Type 2 Diabetes: A State Playbook. This paper looks at comprehensive local and state programs that can assist people with diabetes who may have low-incomes, be older or live in underserved communities.

The paper follows a learning lab the NGA Center launched in January to support Governors and state officials as they work to improve population health, reduce health care spending and reverse negative health trends by investing in comprehensive state plans to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Over a six-month period, Governor-appointed representatives from Maryland, Alabama, Alaska and Delaware participated in the lab.

NGA Releases Commentary on State Postsecondary Education’s Role in Digital Equity Planning

NGA has released the written commentary State Postsecondary Education’s Role In Digital Equity Planning. The commentary details a meeting NGA recently held in partnership with the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) regarding the Digital Equity Act. The Digital Equity Act will deploy $2.75 billion in grants to states. Over five years, states will apply for and deploy funds to advance digital literacy and digital skill development, promote digital equity and access, and help workers and businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital economy.

NGA Releases Ransomware Commentary & Infographic

NGA issued the commentary The State of Ransomware to explore how states and territories are working to establish cybersecurity training requirements. NGA also released a downloadable and sharable infographic Governors’ offices and other stakeholders can use to provide key information about the risks associated with increasing numbers of ransomware attacks. NGA maintains additional cybersecurity resources here.

NGA Releases Case Study Exploring Hawai‘i’s One-Stop Shop for Unemployed People

NGA released the publication Leveraging Technology for Human-Centered One-Stop Workforce Service Delivery. This paper details a case study of the Hawai‘i Career Acceleration Navigator — an accessible, data-driven and full-service government platform for unemployed people and other jobseekers to search for jobs and access supportive service benefits.

Membership Programs

Individuals interested in learning more about the programs below are encouraged to contact the Membership team at

Water Cooler Meetings Continue

NGA Membership continues to hold virtual Water Cooler conversations as an opportunity for Governors’ key staff to join their peers virtually for an informal “water cooler” conversation about timely topics.

NGA Starts Native Americans and Tribal Issues Advisors Network

NGA has started a new NGA Governors’ Advisors Network focusing on Native Americans and Tribal issues. Governors’ offices are invited to designate a representative to participate in this network. This individual could be a state’s Director of Indian Affairs, Director of Tribal Relations or a policy advisor focused on these issues. NGA knows 48 states/territories have a federally recognized tribe. While these tribes represent sovereign governments, they often interact with and serve many of the same roles as states/territories. As Governors lead on many issues, including implementation of federal programs like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), there are opportunities for closer collaboration with tribal governments. The network would also serve as a forum for the Governors’ staff to share their experience and improve upon lessons learned from other states/territories. NGA plans to hold monthly network calls, and advisors will receive invitations from NGA to participate in more dedicated technical assistance opportunities as they arise. The aim is to have the activities of the network be directed by state/territory participants to keep engagement relevant and respectful of participants’ time.

Cybersecurity Policy Advisors Network Resumes

NGA is pleased to announce the creation of a renewed NGA Governors’ Cybersecurity Policy Advisors Network. Governors’ offices are invited to designate a representative to participate in this network. This individual could be a policy advisor in a Governor’s office who handles the Governor’s cybersecurity portfolio, a cybersecurity advisor, a cybersecurity office/division director or another official of the Governor’s choosing. The intent is that this individual can speak to the Governor’s priorities as they relate to cybersecurity. Offices are welcome to designate more than one representative as long as the Governor’s office has recommended their participation. NGA is looking to provide Governors with programming and technical assistance tailored to their mission priorities. This network will serve as a forum to share ideas and troubleshoot challenges with colleagues from other states, connect advisors with valuable resources and materials and provide opportunities to hear from subject-matter experts via periodic webinars and workshops. As the network expands, NGA plans to host regular calls to facilitate timely discussions.

IIJA Resource Site

NGA continues to post on its resource site tools and information for Governors as they implement the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) in their states and territories. Please check the resource page frequently for new updates about funding and regulations from the Administration and to see how other states and territories are deploying the new resources.

NGA State Government Careers Service

To help Governors and staff members find quality candidates for open positions, NGA is offering a feature on state government careers. Governors or their staff members may submit open positions for posting. Visitors to the page can view open positions and links directing them where to apply. To submit an open position to feature on this page, please send an email to