Thriving film, television, and related media arts industries offer states and localities in the United States not only cultural benefits but also significant economic benefits and opportunities. According to an economic impact report from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), more than 1.3 million Americans were employed by the motion picture industry in 2005 and the total payroll that year exceeded $30 billion. The industry spent an additional $30 billion in direct payments for goods and services provided by U.S. businesses in 2005. Thus, direct economic benefits of filmmaking in the United States exceeded $60 billion in just one year.

The attraction and support of film, television, and related media arts is now part of many states’ economic development strategies. Studies have shown that the motion picture industry benefits state and local economies by:

  • Attracting out-of-state investments;
  • Creating high-paying jobs;
  • Contributing to the economic and civic vitality of communities; and
  • Stimulating cultural tourism.