Current Information On Actions States/Territories Have Taken To Address The COVID-19 Pandemic; As Well As Advocacy, Policy, And Guidance Documents For Protecting Public Health And The Economy.

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2020, 4:40 PM ET

Since the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year and the resulting economic slump, Governors have been directing their states’ resources where they are needed most and where they will achieve the greatest impact. As practical problem solvers, Governors are effectively delivering state services to protect public health and to stimulate economic recovery and growth.

The National Governors Association has provided platforms for Governors to communicate with each other and to easily follow what’s happening in other states across the country on a daily basis. We connect Governors and their key staff members with policy experts and thought leaders to help forge practical solutions to the challenges they face. Through our programs, we develop and share guidance so that Governors might find what works best to address the unique situations that arise in their states.

By accessing the best information, communicating with federal and local levels of government, and learning from each another, Governors are successfully meeting today’s pressing challenges.

Coronavirus in the U.S.

5,023,649 TOTAL CASES

Source: CDC

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Policy & Guidance

Preparing For The COVID-19 Vaccine And Considerations For Mass Distribution

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented public health challenges and spurred a global race to develop and distribute one or more viable vaccines. The challenge of vaccine development is matched by the challenge of vaccine distribution; once discovered and produced, it must be delivered and dispensed to the population writ large. 

School Nutrition And Meals Programs During K-12 School Reopening

To support governors and state education leaders, this memo offers a synthesis of key school nutrition guidance and considerations across states’ school reopening plans and includes links to relevant national resources on this topic.  

Strategies To Address The Need For Personal Protective Equipment As States Gradually Reopen

As states and territories gradually reopen their economies and relax social distancing rules meant to slow transmission of COVID-19, there remains widespread demand for personal protective equipment.

NGA State Coronavirus Action Network (SCAN) Calls
NGA is holding regular calls for states to hear from subject-matter experts, learn from their peers in other states, and discuss common challenges related to the coronavirus. These calls are only open to state personnel. For information on the next upcoming call, contact Kirk Williamson or Carl Amritt.

Needs and Resource Matching

Needs and Resource Matching

Many local, state and federal offices are working to fill supply gaps in health care resources, personal protective equipment, and other needs. Manufacturers across the United States are racing to fill those gaps and, in some cases, are re-engineering their processes to make items in short supply. The National Governors Association and the nation’s governors are working together to provide an online hub for businesses and other organizations with supplies or services to connect with states officials regarding critical needs.

Policy and Guidance Resources by Topic

State Action Tracking

Governors are working closely with federal and local officials as well as private sector partners to address the threat of the novel coronavirus. This section outlines actions taken by governors and state and territorial leaders to date. It is not intended to be exhaustive but is meant to highlight key actions and resources that may inform other states and territories as they prepare for and respond to the novel coronavirus.

This information will be updated regularly. To share activities and resources, or for questions or updates, please email Kirk Williamson.   

Resources and Actions - By State

The below links offer a chronological archive of select state/territory actions through July 31, 2020. You can view all states/territories on one page, or individual pages for each.

State Actions by Topic

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