Educate For Opportunity

Supporting governors’ efforts to connect postsecondary education and work

Project Details

NGA Solutions: The Center for Best Practices is launching a new project in partnership with Strada Education Network, to focus supporting state efforts that connect and align their postsecondary institutions to state workforce needs. The project will have a strong focus on the engagement of adults in education and training pathways.

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    Phase One: Leveraging Data to Empower Changemakers

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    Phase Two: Prioritizing Strategies for Change

  • 03

    Phase Three: Implementing the Long-term Change-Process

The NGA Solutions Postsecondary team, will work with a cohort of six competitively selected states by providing technical and financial assistance
(up to $100,000) to:

• Compile data to inform policy planning, including state-specific Strada-Gallup Consumer Insights survey results;

• Create a data-driven, student-focused, postsecondary vision and goals;

• Align financing and messaging to these goals;

• Examine governance structures and gubernatorial appointment powers;

• Build programs or initiatives to connect adult students to meaningful education pathways;

• Scale innovative practices in their state; and

• Learn from work in other states through peer-to-peer convenings.

For more information, please contact Dana Westgren:

Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights 

The nation’s largest data set of consumer insights on pathways from education to employment. The purpose of Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights is to listen to and empower the voice of the consumer to strengthen education to employment pathways for all Americans. 

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Six competitively selected states will receive technical and financial (up to $100,000) assistance.
For more information, please contact Dana Westgren,

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