Educate For Opportunity

Supporting governors’ efforts to connect postsecondary education and work

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Project Details

NGA Solutions: The Center for Best Practices launched a new project in partnership with Strada Education Network, to focus supporting state efforts that connect and align their postsecondary institutions to state workforce needs. The project will have a strong focus on the engagement of adults in education and training pathways.

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    Phase One: Leveraging Data to Empower Changemakers

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    Phase Two: Prioritizing Strategies for Change

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    Phase Three: Implementing the Long-term Change-Process

Selected states will receive an initial grant of $100,000 as well as technical assistance from NGA over the course of the next 18 months to refine their data-driven approaches to anticipating and meeting future workforce needs. Moreover, each grantee will receive access to state-specific, proprietary data from the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey – a unique data set comprised of interviews from more than 330,000 individuals of various backgrounds and education levels.

Grantees are pursuing a variety of policy changes including financial aid reform, improved cross-agency collaboration and innovative interventions to better serve their identified target population.

The project launched with a cross-state meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights

The nation’s largest data set of consumer insights on pathways from education to employment. The purpose of Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Insights is to listen to and empower the voice of the consumer to strengthen education to employment pathways for all Americans.

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