Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero

Gov. Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero

Northern Mariana Islands

January 8, 1990 - January 10, 1994

January 25, 1935

October 6, 2006



Birth State
Northern Mariana Islands

Married Matilde V. De Leon; ten children


LORENZO I. DE LEON GUERRERO was born on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. He served as a senator in the 4th Marianas District Legislature 1972-1976 and was reelected to the 5th Marianas District Legislature and served until 1980. He served as the senate president of the 1st Commonwealth Legislature 1980-1982. In 1976 he was elected delegate to the 1st Northern Mariana Islands Constitutional Convention and served as its president. His business experience included serving as owner’s representative for the Philippine, Micronesia and the Orient Navigation Co. 1978-1989; owner and president/general manager of the Commonwealth Maritime Agency in Saipan 1980-1989; vice president of the Saipan Shipping Co. 1973-1976; and member of the board of directors of TransPacific Lines 1974-1974. He also served as chair of the Northern Mariana Islands Republican Party 1983-1985.


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