National Governors Association Announces Task Forces to Lead Pandemic Response, Recovery

WASHINGTON – The National Governors Association (NGA) announced three Governor-led task forces to coordinate and lead bipartisan state and territorial efforts to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to lead economic recovery and community renewal efforts.

The task forces, which replace committees, will foster a more nimble response to the ongoing public health, economic and human-services challenges related to COVID-19, as well as to focus NGA’s federal advocacy efforts on Governors’ top priorities now and in the future.

The task forces and their co-chairs are:

  • Pandemic and Disaster Response: Governor Ned Lamont (Connecticut) and Governor Bill Lee (Tennessee). Issues include Federal Emergency Management administration (FEMA), National Guard, cybersecurity, health care, and COVID-19 (e.g. testing, vaccines, supply chain and personal protective equipment).
  • Economic Recovery and Revitalization: Governor Henry McMaster (South Carolina) and Governor Andy Beshear (Kentucky). Issues include infrastructure, state stabilization, energy, environment, land management and taxes.
  • Community Renewal: Governor Albert Bryan (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Governor Mike Parson (Missouri). Issues include workforce, nutrition, education, criminal justice, agriculture and broadband.

The new task forces will work with NGA’s nine-member Executive Committee, which oversees the association’s operations on behalf of the entire membership.