State COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Governors of states and territories, working in close collaboration with local partners, have responsibility for a wide array of activities to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are effectively and equitably distributed and administered.

State responsibilities for COVID-19 vaccines include determining allocations to critical populations; receiving vaccine allocations from the federal government; managing the systems for ordering, distributing, and monitoring vaccines; supporting the administration of vaccines in a wide variety of health care and community settings; and engaging and communicating with communities in creative ways to address those who may face barriers to access or be hesitant to get the vaccine.

This page contains COVID-19 vaccine resources that may help inform state and territorial planning efforts, as well as a list of publicly available state and territory vaccine public health pages or plans. Please note this list is not exhaustive of statewide actions.

State and Territory COVID-19 Vaccine Information

All NGA COVID-19 memos can be found here, or visit COVID-19: What You Need To Know for current information on actions States/Territories are taking to address the COVID-19 pandemic; as well as advocacy, policy, and guidance documents for protecting public health and the economy.