Jessica Moise

Senior Policy Analyst

Jessica Moise is a senior policy analyst on the NGA Children & Families team. NGA’s Children and Families team supports Governors and their staff in developing solutions to states’ most critical human services and child welfare challenges. Jessica’s policy portfolio includes early childhood education, juvenile justice, housing and homelessness, food insecurity and hunger, foster care, kinship, adoption, child abuse prevention, family economic security and a range of other human service policy issues.

Before joining NGA, Jessica served as a Family Services Manager for a local social services department in her home state of Virginia. In this role, Jessica managed a team of family services specialists among social work interns supervising several complex and demanding human service programs, including child protective services, prevention, foster care, adoption, adult services, and adult protective services. As a program manager, Jessica oversaw the day-to-day operations and improved each program’s state and federal compliance by enhancing and developing progressive organizational change, ensuring best practices and successful implementation of client-centered service delivery.

Jessica has extensive experience, spanning over 13 years, serving the needs of maltreated children, at-risk youth, disadvantaged families, and other special needs populations. In addition, Jessica has over eight years of experience working as a child protective services investigator. She is skilled in conducting child forensic interviews in addition to adult interviewing and interrogation techniques.

Jessica attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in social work. She lives in northern Virginia with her two children.