Lee Taylor-Penn

Policy Analyst
Health Division

Lee Taylor-Penn is a policy analyst for National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Health Division. Taylor-Penn provides technical assistance and support to states on public health, rural health and maternal and child health issues.

Prior to joining NGA, Taylor-Penn held a variety of jobs in education and public health, including as an educator with an inner-city non-profit in Richmond, VA; a research associate working on air quality in Detroit, MI; and a graduate intern focused on health equity and criminal legal issues in Oakland, CA. In graduate school, as a 2016 Dow Sustainability Fellow, she led a year-long community-based research project on increasing access to healthy foods in the Mississippi Delta.

She holds a dual master’s degree in public administration and public health from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the University of Mississippi.

She originally hails from Mississippi.