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About the Division

The NGA Center’s Education Division (‘the division’) provides information, research synthesis, policy analysis, technical assistance and resources to governors and their staff on education topics spanning early childhood through college and career. At the center of the division’s work are three core principles: equity, alignment, and data-driven. The division focuses its work on five key initiatives: whole child; personalized education; human capital; standards, assessments, and accountability; and governance and finance. Each initiative includes a range of focus areas that align with the needs of governors and their education policy advisors.

Education Staff

Division Director
Aaliyah Samuel | profile

Program Director
Beth Caron | profile

Program Director
Seth Gerson | profile

Policy Analyst
Jon Alfuth | profile

Policy Analyst
Mandy Sorge | profile

Policy Analyst
Samantha Tankersley | profile

Project Coordinator
April Mellion | profile

Program Assistant
Tiffany Ferrette | profile

Program Assistant
Alyssa Thibodeau | profile

Strategic Plan:

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  • Whole Child
  • Personalized Education
  • Standards, Assessment, and Accountability
  • Human Capital*
  • Governance and Finance

*The Education Division works closely with the Wallace Foundation on school leadership issues. For more information on school leadership, please visit the Wallace Foundation Knowledge Center.

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