As chair of the National Governors Association, I am excited to announce that I have selected cybersecurity as the focus of my chair’s initiative. Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge­­ places states at the center of finding solutions to the growing cyber threats facing our country.

A primary goal of the initiative is for states to develop strategies for strengthening cybersecurity practices as they relate to state IT networks, health care, education, public safety, energy, transportation, critical infrastructure, economic development and workforce. We will be hosting several regional summits and bringing together policy leaders from every state, as well as private sector experts and federal partners, to highlight innovative practices and identify ways in which state-driven solutions can be replicated nationwide. This website will serve as a library of resources for states. As the year progresses, we will add to the library and encourage state policymakers to use it.

In addition, participating state teams will develop strategies for improving cybersecurity that they will present to their governors for consideration. The initiative will conclude in Virginia with the National Summit on State Cybersecurity, which will bring together representatives from each state, commonwealth and territory to share best practices and lessons learned.

These are ambitious goals. With your engagement, however, I know we can succeed. The initiative has the potential to shape the nation’s response to the growing cyber threats we face by underscoring the critical role state leaders play in securing the cyber environment.

- Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, NGA Chair