NGA Urges the House Financial Services Committee to Oppose the Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act

The National Governors Association (NGA) released the following statement regarding H.R. 6743, the Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act:

“The National Governors Association appreciates the House Financial Services Committee’s commitment to promoting effective cybersecurity risk management and data protection safeguards. However, the nation’s governors are concerned that H.R. 6743, the Consumer Information Notification Requirement Act, represents an unwarranted expansion of federal preemption of state and local authority regarding data security and breach notification standards. This legislation would prohibit states from imposing or enforcing any strong consumer protection standards that go above and beyond federal standards, thereby inhibiting ongoing efforts by states to adopt data security laws and regulations that are in the best interest of consumers. For this reason, NGA urges the committee to oppose H.R. 6743.”

National Governors Association

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