Governors Call on Congress to Keep Government Open

Washington, DC – Today, National Governors Association Chair Governor Spencer Cox of Utah and Vice Chair Governor Jared Polis of Colorado released the following statement as Congress considers legislation to fund the government beyond March 1 and 8.

“Governors call on the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass measures to fund the government and find bipartisan compromise.

“A government shutdown threatens the country’s national security and readiness of our military service members, economic growth, transportation systems, access to National Parks and other public lands, and public health and nutrition programs.    

“The vast majority of Americans simply want Congress to do its most basic job of funding the government now and addressing the structural problems of mandatory spending that threaten our long-term fiscal stability.

“We implore Congress to work more quickly and with more foresight to iron out differences and find the common ground required to fund the government and provide certainty to states and territories.”