Clean Energy & Economic Development

Governors from across the country are looking at ways they can help foster a clean energy sector in their state economies. They see an opportunity to spur economic growth, make their companies more competitive, and lower energy costs for their citizens. At the same time, they are looking to create a cleaner environment, diversify their energy resources, and reduce dependence on oil imports.

As states move forward in their efforts, however, they are facing a range of analytical challenges, policy questions, and financing issues. Two NGA Center divisions – the Environment, Energy & Transportation Division and the Economic, Human Services & Workforce Division – are working to help states address these challenges. This work is structured around four pillars of creating a comprehensive strategy:

  • assessing local strengths;
  • building demand;
  • fostering supply and innovation; and
  • and helping businesses grow.

Through a series of workshops, papers, and webinars, NGA is helping governors identify cross-cutting strategies and share best practices.