NGA Works to Prevent Violent Extremism in States

WASHINGTON—As recent incidents have shown, violent extremism remains a multifaceted and complex threat at the state, local and federal levels.

The National Governors Association (NGA), through a two-year grant provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will consult with leading experts in government, academia, nonprofit and the private sector to develop a tool state officials can use to help prevent future attacks. The project will not focus on any specific violent extremist ideology but instead include the full spectrum.

“NGA is proud to be a national organization awarded this grant by the Department of Homeland Security,” said Jeff McLeod, director of NGA’s Homeland Security and Public Safety Division. “We’ve already spoken with more than 30 organizations and will continue to seek out relevant experts to help guide this work.”

There are five categories of grants offered by DHS; NGA’s falls under “training and engagement.” Beginning this fall, NGA will bring together experts to discuss the most topical issues affecting communities in states related to violent extremism. Eventually, five states will be competitively selected to pilot the tool.

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