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During the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and public health crisis, many local, state and federal offices are working to fill supply gaps in health care resources, personal protective equipment, and other needs. Manufacturers across the United States are racing to fill those gaps and, in some cases, are re-engineering their processes to make items in short supply.

The National Governors Association and the nation’s governors are working together to provide an online hub for businesses and other organizations with supplies or services to connect with states officials regarding critical needs. We will be updating this page daily.

If your organization can help, or your state needs more information, please contact us below.


A complete list of COVID-19 tests, including diagnostic molecular and antigen tests and serology tests which identify the presence of antibodies that have received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be found here. A list of serology/ antibody tests that should no longer be distributed can be found here. In addition, find information on the performance of all serology/ antibody tests with an EUA on FDAs website here.

Alpha CHECKPOINT is a forensic testing company based out of Rochester, NY since 2000. They have partnered with a manufacturer of COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kits that are used for the qualitative, differential detection of both anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG antibodies.  These COVID-19 kits have gone through an extensive evaluation process by the FDA and have been recently authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  Per the FDA, the intended use of the kits are to aid in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) indicating recent or prior infection. Additionally, Alpha CHECKPOINT has partnered with a manufacturer of SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test (swab) kits that are intended to aid in the rapid diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infections. This is the first FDA authorized point-of-care rapid antigen testing kit to receive emergency use authorization (EUA). An antigen test reveals if a person is currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The results are interpreted at 10 minutes. High sensitivity and specificity. Effective & inexpensive. No instruments needed therefore can be performed anywhere.

BD has partnered with federal agencies, state governments and providers to support a viable testing infrastructure throughout the pandemic and has developed a comprehensive offering of COVID-19 diagnostic tools. The BD MAX™ System, a molecular based lab test used for the rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2, is a fully-integrated, automated platform that performs nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR providing results for up to 24 samples across multiple syndromes in less than three hours. The BD Veritor™ Plus System, a point of care test, is a portable, easy-to-use rapid antigen testing system utilized to provide patients with reliable results for SARS-CoV-2, Flu A+B, Group A Strep or RSV in just minutes. BD also provides products for specimen collection and transport which include the BD Universal Viral Transport (UVT) System and flocked swabs.

Contact: Rita Livadas at

COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform. A coalition of public, private, and non-profit organizations are offering state and local governments a free COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform. The platform provides an end-to-end integrated COVID-19 test management process, including online COVID-19 risk screening and critical symptom evaluation, test scheduling, test site management, and data analytics and dashboarding for use by test site managers and public health officials. The coalition partners are Accenture, Adobe, Oracle, Splunk, NuHarbor Security, Alliance for Innovation, City of San Jose, WhyLine, and Globant.

LetsGetChecked, provides an FDA EUA authorized, PCR diagnostic COVID-19 test for self-administered or at-home sample collection with a lower nasal swab. Results are returned within 24 hours.  LetsGetChecked is a New York based diagnostic company that owns its own manufacturing facility, clinical team, and lab. Their COVID-19 testing solution can be delivered direct to individuals at home or administered by a health care provider on-site.  Their end-to-end COVID-19 solution includes: bulk delivery of an FDA- authorized test kit (including all collection components) from the LetsGetChecked facility in New York to state or community customers, return overnight shipping of collected samples to its dedicated CLIA lab that houses Hologic testing platforms, results to patients via a smartphone app or web based patient portal, and data and reports available to authorized entities. LetsGetChecked works with local communities, state government initiatives, nursing homes, schools and employers to set up testing capabilities and protocols where such is necessary and can guarantee dedicated volume on a weekly basis for large quantities. 

Roche Diagnostics, a division of the Roche Group, developed and manufactured large numbers of high-volume molecular tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Roche has distributed millions of these diagnostic tests to more than 90 hospital and reference laboratories across the U.S. and is continuing to ship additional tests weekly. Roche recently received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for a new antibody test, the Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2. The antibody test can assess if a person was exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This test may be used to better understand the spread of COVID-19 disease and help determine if individuals are at risk of being infected and infecting others. Roche will soon begin shipping antibody tests to hospital and reference labs across the country.

Universal Storage Containers, LLC of New Canaan, Ct. offers temporary, flexible structures that can accommodate drive through testing and vaccinations on a large scale for state and local health agencies, hospitals or commercial pharmacies.  Drive through vaccinations provide safety and rapid vaccinations.  The facilities can be delivered fully equipped with Universal’s freezer products that can store any of the vaccines currently available on the market. 

  • Contact: Peter Nemiroff at 800-385-0755 ext. 6

Vault Health has launched new saliva-based at home COVID-19 testing in collaboration with Rutgers Clinical Genomics Laboratory (RUCDR Infinite Biologics). This COVID-19 test has been granted emergency use authorization from the FDA for at-home use. The test is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC. This at-home test option for states provides an efficient alternative that: 1) Overcomes physical limitations of space, capacity and municipal resources to implement and manage local testing infrastructures 2) Eliminates exposure risk between patient and provider 3) Eliminates waste of scarce PPE.


CoResearch is a manufacturer in Golden, Colorado and has full-sized 14″ x 9.5″ face shields available

Enexor Health is a USA based manufacturer of FDA EUA Approved Ventilators, known as the X-VENT critical care, invasive and non-invasive Ventilator. Manufactured in the USA, Enexor’s X-VENT Ventilator provides all the critical ventilation modes required to treat COVID patients, integrates with low flow oxygen, uses non-proprietary consumables/circuits/attachments, and is made of the highest quality and durability while also being very simple and intuitive to operate.  Affordably priced to ensure maximum adoption in an effort to save as many lives as possible, each Enexor X-VENT Ventilator comes with a 1-Year Warranty and access to Enexor’s Expert Medical Respiratory Team for onsite training as well as online training modules. To learn more visit

GovShop Covid-19 Supplier Data

Find and research a comprehensive and vetted list of  Covid-19 Supplier and Contract data on the GovShop supplier intelligence platform.  Covid-19 categories including testing kits, PPE, ventilators, disinfectants, and pharmaceuticals.  Go here to see full resources. 

OMIE AR is a registered importer of medical devices and Personal Protective Equipment with the FDA.  It is a registered supplier to the Federal Government and has registered as a vendor in over 30 States.  With over 26 FDA-registered factory partners in Asia, teams in China and Thailand and production lines capable of producing tens of millions of units per month of Makrite NIOSH-certified N95 respirators, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, boot covers, shoe covers, among other SKUs, OMIE is well-equipped to service the needs of multiple states simultaneously.  Importantly, OMIE has a financing facility in place that allows for a scenario in which government buyers are not required to place a down payment and can make payment after the product has been received.  OMIE has a broad range of insurance policies in place to which government agencies and buyers can be named a Loss Payee, and is capable of warehousing a State’s inventory here in the United States for a period of three months upon request. 

Procurated, the supplier ratings and review platform built for the public sector, has launched a free tool called COVID Vendor Check to help governments, educational institutions and non-profits vet suppliers selling coronavirus related goods and services, including those necessary for reopening states. States can report privately and securely on their supplier experiences to help other states make well-informed purchasing decisions. In addition, for states trying to make their contracting more inclusive, the tool helps governments identify highly rated minority, women and veteran owned small businesses that provide essential goods and services.

Alpha CHECKPOINT is a forensic testing company based out of Rochester, NY since 2000. They have switched complete focus to supporting the needs of front-line workers. They have a direct partnership with PPE manufacturers providing them access to high volumes of nitrile gloves, surgical masks, N95s, KN95s, 3ply procedure masks, medical coveralls, sanitizer and face shields.

American Medical Depot (AMD)

The Spectrashield™ N95 Respirator is approved for 14-day use in the EU and 28-day use in Canada.  American Medical Depot (AMD) is Nexera’s exclusive US and primary worldwide distributor. The Spectrashield™ N95 Respirator is FDA approved for “extended wear” and for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, rendering it sterile at time of disposal. 

Apparel Works International LLC Apparel Works has a large quantity of masks available that can be delivered in 7 to 10 days. They also have access to polypropylene isolation coveralls, patient gowns and scrubs. 

NGA Partner Covanta has multiple mail-back services to protect employees and the public from accidental COVID-19 exposure. As states begin reopening, businesses, governments, and organizations will be testing employees and decontaminating their offices for the first time which will create a new waste stream. Accidental exposure may happen through discarded personal protection equipment (PPE) from test sites, sharps waste from antibody testing, COVID-19 site decontamination waste and future medical waste from mass vaccinations sites.  These mail back products provide organizations with solutions that are mobile, compliant and require no on site logistics.

DB Schenker is a transportation services provider who specializes in the movement of PPE both domestically and internationally. They can provide scheduled air freight and charter services as well ocean and land transport. They also offer customs brokerage and warehouse services. More information here.

Domestic Medical Supply Coalition is a network of manufacturing partners who will in productive coalition, manufacture and supply desperately needed PPE. All of their production is Domestic. Their goal is to not only help every medical facility in need during these coming months, but also protect every citizen. They have face masks, face shields, isolation gowns and hand sanitizer with delivery available in 5-7 business days.

Ford has retooled a Michigan facility to manufacture face shields. In addition to donating them across the country to hospitals, Ford has begun ramping up production to offer them in larger quantities for sale directly to states for $4 per unit, which includes shipping. Ford can begin fulfilling orders the week of April 27th.

Make Medical, LLC, has developed a solution, VentMI or Ventilate Multiple Individuals, to help provide mechanical ventilation to two or more patients from a single ventilator.

Modern Plastics

Modern Plastics, an ISO Certified company, has Face Shields and Intubation boxes available and is producing hundreds of thousands of these on a daily basis.  Click here for more information.

Response allows organizations to purchase PPE from verified manufacturers. Organizations and states can post one request on Response, and Response automatically collects prequalified offers. Since launching in April, they have delivered thousands of medical supplies to healthcare providers around the country.

NGA Partner Royal Philips has introduced the new Respironics E30 ventilator, a new emergency use ventilator with visual and audible alarms for COVID-19 patients. Philips is responding to this pressing global need by quickly scaling production of the new Philips Respironics E30 ventilator with the needs of healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients in mind while also complying to medical device quality standard. The new emergency use ventilator helps to deliver high-flow oxygen, both invasively and non-invasively, for COVID-19 patients with respiratory insufficiency. Respironics E30 ventilator allows healthcare providers to treat and monitor patients in clinical and field-hospital settings.


TEMPTRAQ is an FDA approved remote temperature monitoring medical device that is accurate and effective in early fever detection. Real time temperature information is sent to the wearer’s iPhone or to a centralized command center, without the need for manual testing. This 72-hour soft patch, the size of a band aid, is part of FEMA’s responders Personal Protection Equipment list. Monitors both while on and off the job. Provides an early detection of a temperature change which allows for immediate removal from the location or alerts wearer not to come to the facility to work. It is also used for hospital in patient care saving valuable staff time from manually monitoring patients and potential exposure. Click here for more information. 

World Precision Instruments (WPI)

World Precision Instruments (WPI) has the following supplies available: Facemasks, Respirators, Gowns, Coveralls, Facial Shields, Goggles, Gloves, and Transport & Invasive Ventilators. Full list of products here.

  • Contact:, Guillaume Pinguet (786) 704-1373 / William Slagle (904) 515-8613

Community Resources 

Fresh EBT is a free smartphone app available nationally to households receiving benefits on an EBT card.  Food stamp participants can check up to date SNAP balance and purchase history information, as well as find and apply for jobs and connect with coupons and money saving opportunities to improve financial health.  Studies show that when participants use Fresh EBT, SNAP benefits last, on average, two days longer a month.  Fresh EBT also includes a COVID response help center with information about changes to government benefits programs and connections to local organizations and resources. 

Helping Hands connects senior citizens, the immunocompromised, and people with pre-existing medical conditions with healthy volunteers to help deliver groceries, medicine, and other necessary supplies to empower everyone to stay healthy.

HOPE Homeowners Hotline offers free financial advice for those economically impacted, and to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and stay current on their mortgage payments. 

  • Dial 888-995-HOPE (888-995-4673) 

Neighbor Express is a platform for government entities and nonprofits that connect at-risk residents with essential services including meals, groceries, and ad-hoc deliveries. Through Neighbor Express, vulnerable community members can request frozen meals, order their usual groceries, or ask for other help they may need. With this service, teams can easily connect at-risk residents with the foods and services they need through the help of a volunteer database.

NGA Partner New York Life is partnering with Cigna to create a $100 million Brave of Heart Fund to provide financial and emotional support to the families of healthcare workers and volunteers nationwide who lose their lives to COVID-19.  The Fund honors the selfless commitment of doctors, nurses, technicians, orderlies, cafeteria workers, custodians, and others across the country who are risking their lives to care for the health and wellness of COVID-19 patients.

Nextdoor ensures important resources are available at the neighborhood level. Neighbors use Nextdoor to exchange useful information, coordinate volunteer activity, and keep in touch with each other. The platform can also be used to share information about grocery store hours set aside for elderly and at-risk individuals, and basic necessities needed during periods of home isolation. 

Pandemic EBT Assistance

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act authorized Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT), a program that allows families whose children qualify for free and reduced-price meals at school to receive replacement food benefits on an EBT card. Data that shows who is eligible are spread across multiple sources, and need to be aggregated, standardized, and matched. In some cases, data might not exist at all to issue P-EBT benefits to eligible populations. Many states are working with legacy systems or planning to stand up new digital applications. U.S. Digital Response (USDR) and Code for America (CFA) have partnered to provide technical support to state social services agencies at no cost to states. You can see the digital application they built with California here.

Economic Recovery

NGA Partner Alvarez & Marsal, a turnaround/restructuring firm with significant public sector experience, can help states find costs savings and maintain and improve vital services during economic downturns.  A&M has helped with statewide cost savings for states with unexpected sharp revenue declines; helped overcome massive Medicaid deficits while maintaining and improving service levels; found significant savings from education overhead that was then redirected to classrooms; helped states to maximize revenue without raising taxes via more efficient federal funds management and other mechanisms.

NGA Partner Intuit’s TurboTax launched a free, Stimulus Registration product designed to help millions of Americans who are not required to file a tax return to easily register with the IRS to get their stimulus money. According to the IRS, 80% of Americans are eligible to receive a stimulus payment. For the tens of millions of taxpayers, who have already filed a 2019 tax return or are Social Security Recipients, there is no action needed. They can easily find out how much they can expect to receive through the TurboTax Stimulus check calculator.

NGA Partner McKinsey & Company has a COVID Response Center that features an online collection of tools, interactive visuals, interviews with leaders, and practical resources to help organizations and communities respond to the economic challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. The site includes government-specific information to help US state and local governments and their partners respond to the unique health and economic recovery challenges posed COVID-19 and to offer examples of actions that governments have taken as they aim to protect their people and economies.


NGA Partner Philips is a resource for those who are dealing with patient overcapacity challenges, lack of beds due to COVID surges, and staff shortages.

Helping hospitals pop-up more hospital beds within hours: “Rapid Emergency Department Installation Kit:” This allows a hospital to rapidly deploy a 20-bed ICU expansion in a matter of hours. The kit contains all monitoring technology needed to properly equip each bed, a control module to monitor the beds, including integration with their EMR, analytics tools and alarms. And the equipment can be redeployed unlimited times or added to your stockpile/inventory for long-term use.

Helping hospitals with staffing shortfalls: “eICU Tele-Critical Care Program:” Philips eICU augments hospitals’ monitoring and staffing capacity, allowing offsite intensivists, specialists and critical care nurses to remotely monitor and help treat patients. This is very important to support and augment hospitals suffering from ICU staffing shortages, converting med-surg beds to eICU equivalents, and providing virtual second opinions. One in 8 ICU beds in the United States are covered through eICU.

Helping maximize existing resources to provide best healthcare outcomes: “Clinical and Operational Improvement Services: Philips supported Washington DC in patient-surge planning, staffing and equipment shortages, which required coordination and communication across multiple organizations to  better coordinate demand and capacity planning for staff, equipment (manufacturer agnostic), supplies and resources.  We provide short-term interim leadership to manage various clinical departments to reallocate patient-facing clinicians to the front line.

Helping track individuals’ vitals from a distance. “Contactless Monitoring: An innovative way to track employees or guests when entering a building or location. Verify the individual’s temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate without touching the individual. With the addition of a printer, facilities can create a badge to help display their approval to enter.

Helping states with ventilator stockpiles: If the need remains for state stockpiling ventilators, Philips can deliver ICU-grade ventilators within two weeks from order. Philips’ ventilators also offer high-flow therapy, which has become a frontline treatment choice by clinicians instead of intubating and invasively ventilating patients. One state ordered 200 inpatient ventilators last week for their own use. In addition, home non-invasive ventilators are also available and readily used throughout each state.

Equally important is our Stockpile Management Services. This provides peace of mind that your equipment is ready at a moment’s notice.Our stockpile management program helps governments, agencies, and health systems who want to prepare for a future pandemic or large-scale events by providing access to field-ready equipment and supplies that can be deployed quickly and efficiently instead of trying to acquire equipment at the time of need when there may be supply shortages. Philips offers a turnkey solution for stockpiling services for ventilators, mobile hospitals, ultrasounds as well as other medical equipment. We deliver a reverse logistics method which includes consolidation of assets, cleaning and decontamination, asset tracking, storage and warehousing. This ensures that all equipment is accounted for and ready to use, whenever necessary.

Helping with maternal health disparities and poor outcomes. Our digital App Pregnancy+, is being utilized by 43% of all new moms in the U.S., half of which are covered under Medicaid. This App is free to all users. States and Health Plans can invest to customize the content, add definition of benefits, and accelerate the identification of new pregnancies among its members. Our PregnancyCare+ bundle of solutions for Providers offers vital sign monitoring, symptom monitoring, and real time video interaction for high-risk pregnancies.  And our mobile ultrasound solution allows mothers to have a complete ultrasound in their home with an OBGYN or specialist virtually there supporting the exam. We have a clinical trial study currently in peer review that demonstrates a 31% reduction in C-Sections, zero readmissions postpartum, 22% reduction in preterm births, and up to 67% reduction of no-show appointments.

For State-based Health Information Exchanges, we offer an Image Enablement solution that is inclusive of any vendor equipment-generated images. Last year, Philips began partnering with Health Information Exchanges to image enable their existing infrastructures. This allows their members to access and exchange full resolution studies and related reports from each other, within the same HIE workflows and patient data sets already being exchanged by the HIE. We have completed studies showing significant cost savings by eliminating the burning of CD’s and jump drives, the logistics of getting images distributed, and other areas of savings.

American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) is helping to match and streamline the process for willing hotel properties to connect with federal, state and local governments. AHLA has launched a national “Hospitality for Hope” database at the federal level with Health & Human Services, as well as at the local level with industry partner state associations. Local, state and federal government officials will be able to search willing properties based on geographic location. More information is available on their press release.

Ashford Inc. is a provider of asset management and other services to companies within the hospitality industry. Currently, Ashford serves as the advisor to Ashford Hospitality Trust and Braemar Hotels & Resorts, which own a combined 130 hotels with more than 28,000 rooms. Ashford’s portfolio of hotels wants to support local, state and federal efforts in response to COVID-19 by offering discounted room rates or alternative utilization of its assets. 

BestGEN can supply slide-in rooms to place in convention centers/open spaces as well as a turnkey modular hospital, including nurses’ stations, triage rooms, etc., with the ability to set up 1000-room temporary hospital in very short order.  Their hospital rooms are fully finished, inside and out, and designed as plug-and-play.  Interested parties can have as few as two rooms or as many as 1000 rooms together.  These units can sit right in a parking lot and can be stacked multiple stories high. The stand-alone units also can be repurposed after the crisis to serve as homeless/veterans housing.

BROAD U.S.A., INC has combined their expertise in prefabricated structural material and experience with HVAC and air purification to develop a unite Negative Pressure Isolation (NPI) facility. These NPI facilities can be an extension to an existing hospital, or a standalone, isolated treatment facility. They can construct a building of any height up to three floors per day. The NPI system provides 100% fresh air with no recycled air to prevent cross viral infection, along with electrostatic cleaning and ozone technology to deliver comprehensive disinfection and prevent cross infection which is such a danger to medical staff today. Click here for more information and here for pricing information.

CarpeVita USA’s protective testing booths can help keep healthcare workers safe, while reducing the need to change masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between patients. The booths are ideal for COVID19 testing sites and can be shipped to any location. They are made in the USA using a high-quality extruded aluminum frame, polycarbonate sides and full length medical-grade isolator gloves. Click here for more information. 

NGA Partner Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Incorporated is North America’s largest Environmental Services Company providing customers with Comprehensive Emergency Response Infectious Waste Management Services. Their nationwide network of over 500 Field Services Locations provide geographical coverage within all 50 states.  Federal and State Government have previously relied upon Clean Harbors’ expertise to respond to several prominent infectious disease outbreaks in the U.S. including but not limited to Anthrax Contamination, SARS, H1N1, and Avian Bird Flu Outbreak.  Clean Harbors launched a unique program called the D3 CLEAN COVID-19 Response Initiative which integrates Decontamination, Disinfection, and COVID-19 Waste Collection and Disposal Services into one comprehensive Public Health Protection Program. The D3 CLEAN Program has been employed at thousands of facilities throughout the U.S. Their D3 CLEAN Response Teams have also supported State and Federal COVID-19 Response Efforts in several states. Their employees are carefully trained and employ only USEPA Registered and approved Decontamination and Disinfection Products to effectively sanitize every COVID-19 response they  complete-be it a pro-active periodic disinfection program for a customer or decontamination and disinfection services at known COVID-19 contamination sites.

Contact: Sean L. Benson at (972) 265-2456 or or Chuck Greer at (781) 792-5740 or

Denihan is a nationally recognized, independent owner and operator of luxury and boutique hotels in New York City distinguished by more than 50 year and generations of family leadership in the hospitality industry and greater community. They have 5 locations in New York city, all FEMA certified, with 500 hotel rooms available.

Derse has the ability to immediately provide structures and support scalable healthcare solutions for patient care in response to COVID-19. These scalable solutions may be used in enclosed facilities or tent structures supported by generator power, which Derse can also provide. Uses include wall partitions, temporary overflow rooms, nursing stations, and negative pressure treatment rooms.  Derse has full custom fabrication capabilities at its six locations in the U.S. 

Fetch Robotics has launched two different disinfecting robot solutions, one that uses chemical fogging and another that uses broad spectrum UV.  Breezy One, launched in conjunction with Build with Robots, safely decontaminates spaces over 100,000 square feet in 1.5 hours with re-entry into the space in as little as two hours. Breezy One’s chemical disinfectant is government developed, EPA-registered, and has been tested by nine government agencies and over 10 independent laboratories. The Albuquerque airport recently announced it now uses Breezy One to conduct nightly sanitizing runs to ensure the airport is as clean and safe as possible for passengers and employees and to protect custodial staff from exposure to COVID-19 germs and harsh chemicals.  SmartGuardUV, launched in conjunction with Piedmont National, leverages next generation UV technology to neutralize harmful viruses and bacteria in high-traffic areas.  SmartGuardUV technology can be initiated from a computer or mobile device, and the robot provides real-time reporting of areas that were disinfected and identifies when obstacles prevented the disinfection from occurring. 

Modular Building Institute (MBI)

NGA Partner MBI can tap into their members to rapidly deploy a full array of building solutions, across the country, from temporary to permanent facilities that can be used for things like, temporary testing, doctors’ offices, housing, hospitals, whatever the need may be. These buildings are built to meet state and international building codes. Visit their Crisis Response Page for more information.

Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) can deliver patient care rooms at 2,000 beds in 3 weeks and 10,000 beds in 6 weeks. The ward style layout allows for up to 5 beds per module. Their industry coalition of 25 small business modular construction companies has a collective 30 factories nationwide. Post-crisis, these modules can then be repurposed into permanent supportive and/or affordable housing.

The National ATM Council is able to provide container hospitals as an emergency medical solution for states. For more information, click here.

OYO Hotels is offering free stays at its more than 300 hotels in the United States to medical personnel engaged in the COVID-19 battle.

PharMerica delivers comprehensive pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and health care systems. Their nearly 3,000 PharMerica employees provide care to nearly 225,000 Americans from across over 120 pharmacies located throughout the country. They know that state and local leaders are looking to institutional pharmacies as essential partners in ensuring their long-term care populations receive their medication administration in a safe and efficient manner.  PharMerica’s national scale is available to partner with states in serving the patients and residents during the COVID-19 pandemic by assisting with setting up temporary pharmacy locations or providing services in traditional facility settings.

Prologis has offered several of their real estate properties to communities to be used as pop-up hospitals. These properties are in the following 11 states: CA, FL, GA, IL, KY, MD, NJ, OH, PA, TX and WA.

QualTek one of the largest providers of turnkey services, can help with feeding and housing in times of crises. They can set up basecamps, transport logistics, fueling, network maintenance, power restoration, generator installation and maintenance.

REEF – America’s largest network of parking, mobility and urban logistics hubs, has parking real estate assets available for drive-through testing, mobile, pop-up health facilities, and temporary isolation units. In addition to their own resources, they have partnered with other parking industry leaders LAZ, ABM, and SP+ to ensure the best coverage possible for this response effort.

Seritage Growth Properties has a list of potential sites, parking lots and buildings, available for use to assist with the COVID-19 efforts.

T C Millwork, Inc

Using their existing technology and readily available materials, T C Millwork, Inc. has developed their new Patient Health Room. It is a temporary healthcare privacy structure that ships as a knock-down kit and is easily and quickly assembled on site.  As needs arise for patient segregation, the PHR will allow just that, all with contemporary aesthetics and easy to clean finishes (antimicrobial finishes available). Click here for their capability statement.

thl is an RV rental company with over 2000 vehicles in the U.S.  Operating the El Monte RV and Road Bear RV brands, thl has provided RVs to support the community within a number of situations related to COVID-19 crisis. With over 50 years’ experience, thl can assist with initial provision and setup of RVs, as well as providing an ongoing servicing program for any RVs that have been deployed. They have operations in California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Kentucky, and have the network to support other states as needed.

Trestle-Aimbridge COVID-19 Housing Offer

Trestle Health and Housing LLC has collaborated with Aimbridge Hospitality to deliver additional room capacity to blunt the anticipated COVID-19 surge over the next few weeks and months. They have vetted 700 hotels across the country and have access to over 103,000 hotel rooms in urban, as well as suburban and rural locations. They are providing states with discounted room rates, meal options, leveraging of in-place resources and access to key property management staff. Here is the list of hotels available.

Veterans Technology Systems (VTS) offers an immediate solution to testing and diagnosing COVID-19 as well as geographically tracking the disease’s progression. Minimizing the time to get test results by testing for the coronavirus in real-time, eliminating the 3 to 5-day waiting period, and returning accurate results within 2 hours. VTS manufactures mobility pods, or mobile laboratories, designed to quickly detect pathogens such as the Ebola virus and now the coronavirus. Each pod is self-contained and compact – built to fit the back of an average-sized pickup truck or trailer – and USA CDC BSL 1 thru 4 compliant.

Data/Tech/Cybersecurity Resources

  • Acxiom, a customer intelligence company, leverages its demographic data, including shopping, travel, and predictive models to identify concentrations of a state’s most vulnerable populations and can provide social determinants of health (such as income and social status, employment and working conditions, education, gender, and ethnicity). Acxiom household and individual level data includes more than 11,000 data attributes and propensities in over 60 countries (based on millions of data points), which can be aggregated at ZIP+4, ZIP, city, state, or national level. Because their focus is always on privacy and ethical data use, their solutions are designed to deliver results without the exchange of sensitive personally identifiable information or protected health information.  Acxiom appointed the first chief privacy officer and have developed an ethical data use framework and governance process in their role as an advisor to clients, industry organizations, regulatory agencies and government bodies across the globe. Currently, Acxiom’s aggregated data is used to build the audiences for the Ad Council and CDC COVID-19 campaigns to deliver targeted messaging to the right demographic groups across the most appropriate media. Many of the largest companies in the world rely on Acxiom data to deliver real time, scalable solutions in order to make critical decisions and ensure the right message is delivered to the right person. Acxiom can incorporate the current conditions of the selected geographic area into consumer segments and analytic models, to allow customers to account for external developments (like COVID-19) and the impact of these developments (like changes in unemployment) into outreach efforts.

Advancia Technologies, with its partner RingMD, is offering COVID-19 risk mitigation solutions and telehealth services to support a wide range of military and government agencies. With more than 20 years of experience in crisis response management and healthcare staffing, they use digital triage in conjunction with an information management platform and professional services to assess and triage at risk populations, perform contact tracing, remotely follow quarantined patients, and provide continuous access to care in situations where access to the hospital or clinic is difficult.  Their telehealth staffing service includes physician, nursing and other public health and care coordination resources. For more information, please click here.

AlphaVu Tracing Trust uses advanced capabilities, including artificial intelligence, to help state and local agencies distribute fact-based information in a way that maximizes public trust. Their methods build confidence in the contact tracing process, reduce the negative impacts of misinformation, and measure the acceptance of important, fact-based COVID-19 information within specific populations, including high at-risk and marginalized communities.

Ariadne Labs, a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the Surgo Foundation recently released their Vaccine Allocation Planner for COVID-19. The Planner aims to help state and county decision makers by estimating the size of these populations in every county of the US, the number of vaccine doses that may be available to each state, and the percent vaccine coverage achievable under various scenarios. It currently focuses on the 13 priority populations identified by the The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Contact: Rebecca Weintraub, MD – Director, Better Evidence at Ariadne Labs,

AvaSure can provide an essential tool to protect caregivers, enhance patient wellbeing and reduce the use of PPE stores by minimizing patient room entries and utilizing a remote patient safety monitoring system. For more information, please click here.

C19 Explorer is a decision support tool for public officials providing an interactive dashboard with publicly available data sources to model, monitor, and inform key public health and social drivers impacting re-opening plans. C19 is a free, publicly available utility developed by NGA Partner Anthem in collaboration with,, OMNY, and CloudMedX.

Cloudreach is a global cloud service provider with cutting edge expertise in cloud engineering, data analytics, & cybersecurity. They offer a state data analytics & visualization platform that tracks pandemic status and projections, supply utilizations, traffic patterns, emergency vehicles, executive orders, and more. It creates an easily digestible dashboard so States can plan and implement strategies during this trying time.

Covid Act Now is a disease intelligence platform that helps state and local governments make data-informed COVID-19 decisions. Covid Act Now analyzes COVID-19 reopening metrics — R(t) (aka “R effective”), test positivity, and available ICU capacity — on a state and county level and using state and county data. Covid Act Now also models COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths on a state and county level calibrated to local actuals.

The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic compiles and publishes high-quality, state-level data essential to understanding and responding to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. This includes the only national testing and hospitalization datasets. All the data is open and free for use through an API; inquiries from state officials can be directed to Alexis Madrigal at

NGA Partner Deloitte’s Health360 solution leverages the predictive power of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data to identify vulnerable populations for a variety of health and wellness issues. The solution integrates publicly available and proprietary SDoH data to create a robust population analysis tool. The Health360 solution provides access to millions of data points, 150+ predictive models, and gives users the ability to view data at all levels from the national level and down to the state, county, census block, or even individual household. Because it uses risk scores for diseases, rather than medical claims data, Health360 contains no PHI and enables users to identify vulnerable populations, understand disease progression, and create interventions to address health issues. Currently, a number of states are employing Health360 for a variety of purposes to include identifying high-risk populations, identifying health inequities, distributing limited resources to communities in need, developing testing strategies, and engaging community leaders. We have attached an overview of the Health360 data and COVID-19 response projects for reference.

  • Contact Heidi Green:

NGA Partner Deloitte has released two sets of information regarding cybersecurity during the COVID-19 crisis, including a COVID Cyber Infographic and a guide to Sustaining Organizational Cyber Hygiene Amid COVID-19 Disruption. Additionally, Deloitte is supporting states on planning for fraud by creating solutions around detection and prevention. Using broad capabilities across several support areas, including forensic investigation, cybersecurity assessment, and threat intelligence, Deloitte is leveraging analytics to prioritize urgent needs for state systems while laying the groundwork to enable the effective detection and deterrence of more sophisticated bad actors. Reach out to the Deloitte contact below to learn more.

NGA Partner Esri is offering free access to GIS software and assistance to respond to the COVID crisis.  Mapping and location analytics technology is helping states, FEMA, CDC, and other organizations make data-driven decisions to monitor hot spots, wisely allocate resources, locate testing facilities, visualize models and keep the public informed.  Esri is already working with a number of organizations to create data and tools and has assembled a COVID-19 GIS Hub of free resources including operational dashboards, repeatable templates, ready to use data and models, a business continuity solution and a growing collection of best practice examples to speed progress.  These focused COVID-19 resources can work with and extend the GIS capabilities already in use across the states.

Facebook has launched their Data for Good program, the helps academics and non-governmental organizations understand population movements through aggregated data. These include improved co-location insights, trends on staying near home and a social connectedness index. 

HealthStream is offering to assist states at no cost in preparing volunteer caregivers for Alternative Care Sites (ACS). HealthStream’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Program can be used free of charge for a 90-day period for emergency cross training, safety training, and onboarding. This program includes compliance, safety, clinical education, and coding courses.

NGA Partner IBM Corporation is helping government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutions throughout the world use AI to put critical data and information into the hands of their people. States are using IBM’s Watson Assistant to provide answers to questions on Unemployment Insurance, HHS benefits, schedule meal deliveries for Seniors and COVID testing appointments. Text and Voice capability and multiple languages for some of the implementations. More information here Request access to Watson Assistant for Citizens.

Granicus, which owns govDelivery and is owned by Vista Equity Partners, can set up email distribution over the next 60 days in the next 24 hours to start communicating COVID-19 content with citizens who receive local, state and federal communications.

Federation of American Scientists, in partnership with the NYUGovLab, has developed a website that automatically populates answers to common coronavirus-related questions, and if there isn’t an answer to the question, prompts an option to email a list of over 600 scientists affiliated with the National Science Policy Network who will provide evidence-based answers. 

Several states have integrated this tool onto their website, but states should feel free just to link to the main FAS site from their own. FAS and NYUGovLab can also help seamlessly incorporate the site onto on existing one if that is of interest.

LabWare designed the Portable Disease Surveillance Lab kit to enable digital patient registration and data transmission in field locations such as drive-up testing or assisted living facilities. Patient information including demographics and triage details are captured on a tablet computer, and the information is transferred to a HIPAA compliant cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  LabWare’s kit includes a mobile hot spot and a tablet computer connected to a cloud-based LIMS software portal to capture patient demographic and clinical information, document field collection of respiratory swabs for COVID-19 testing, and rapidly disseminate this data to testing laboratory and public health agencies. 

Labware’s kit works with any existing test already deployed in the field and it eliminates inefficiencies in the collection process, including intakes by hand, which are critical to achieving rapid deployment of testing at scale and subsequent protocols for patient care and/or re-entry.  LabWare’s kit also results in the shortest possible processing time with close to zero returns due to transcription errors. 

LLamasoft is offering access to their cloud platform (used by Fortune 500, US DoD, USAID, etc.) and experienced consulting team to help model, analyze and optimize the COVID-19 supply chain operations. Use cases can include (a) placement and balancing of ventilator assets, PPE’s and testing supplies, (b) logistics strategy for reaching the maximum patients, (c) what-if analysis to dynamically run scenarios based on evolving case growth and demographics.

Lumina’s AI-driven Radiance platform helps predict and understand coronavirus spread, allowing state and local officials to confidently allocate resources ahead of the next virus hot spot.  Radiance is a search engine enabled by a super computer, and has the ability to conduct hundreds of thousands of searches simultaneously against a variety of datasets, including open source internet data and client provided datasets. Radiance identifies risk of spread by correlating data from these sources against its Coronavirus Behavioral Affinity Model (BAM), which encompasses more than 50 phrases, across 14 languages – all related to coronavirus risk. The real-time results are prioritized for easy analysis and can be used to create comprehensive visualizations through a dashboard and heatmap of reported cases/symptoms across your state.

Medallia has put together a special offer for Government Organizations to help combat and recover from COVID-19. The three technologies listed below are free to Government Organizations for 90-days (implementation included):

  • Medallia Digital – through this communication channel, data is collected on the website directly from residents letting Governors know where to allocate resources. 
  • Text Analytics uses machine and human learning to automatically analyze text feedback, so states can understand what matters most to their constituents, and what they can do about it. This is currently being evaluated by the White House Task Force based on prior work VA has done with Text Analytics. Medallia can analyze data states already have. 
  • Crowdicity is an ‘Idea Creation Platform’. In practical terms, it allows Medallia to create segmented audiences and pose challenges to them. Ideas are then shared among the closed group who can give a thumbs up to the ideas that resonate the most and find ways to overcome challenges.

Learn more about how Medallia is assisting WHO/ICC and the UK Government with their COVID-19 response.  To learn more about these offerings click here.

NGA Partner NIC Inc.  has joined with two industry leaders to provide a rapid, flexible, and turnkey deployment of Mobile COVID-19 Testing and related healthcare services, including but not limited to thermal scanning and flu vaccination.  Impact Health brings more than 30 years of medical services provider background specializing in in field-based health and wellness and Next Marketing has been recognized as a leader for the last 27 years in developing, executing and managing mobile tour and event solutions for private companies and governments alike.  The three organizations have deployed a scalable mobile COVID-19 medical administering solution for private industry, universities, state and local governments designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country.  The mobile COVID-19 Testing solution enable leaders to focus on being “open for business.”

Primex Family of Companies is a partner for state and local governments, hospitals and pharmacies to ensure the COVID-19 vaccines are distributed safely through temperature monitoring technologies.  Primex is a leading provider of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) environmental monitoring technologies for hospitals, pharmacies, as well as federal, state, and local governmental facilities. Its OneVue Sense sensors ensure temperature, pressure, humidity and closure controls for vaccinations and other medical uses.  Primex’s sensors monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures of assets and environments to ensure the cold chains are regulated and preserved.  When paired with the OneVue Monitor™ automated monitoring software solution, the integrated system provides real-time alerts if vaccine storage temperatures fluctuate outside of the specified temperature range, helping maintain vaccine safety and effectiveness. The system also archives all recorded temperatures to ensure compliance.  Primex’s technology solutions exceed CDC guidelines.

The Oracle COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System for States (TLS) is offering this free as states work on the front lines to beat COVID-19.  The TLS is an online system that allows physicians to record COVID-19 patients’ daily progress, treatment therapies and outcomes.  Collection of this real-world data from the state will augment current and future clinical trials of drugs being used to treat COVID-19.  The TLS provides analytics on patient symptoms, therapies, treatment outcomes, use of critical resources such as ventilators, number of days in treatment and whether inpatient or outpatient.  The data may be broken down by different demographics as well as by county.  The analytics are available on a dashboard that is updated constantly.

Palantir Technologies is offering free services to help Governors get immediate access to a common operating picture to make informed, data-driven decisions on how to effectively allocate resources in their states, as they address COVID-19. They have partnered with the CDC and HHS on response efforts for COVID-19 and are able to rapidly integrate, synthesize, and analyze information from federal agencies, states, local hospitals and health agencies, as well as commercial suppliers, so Governors and their teams can make critical decisions at speed. 

Preventum, a global leader in digital public health has partnered with industry leaders to create WorkSafe. WorkSafe is a rigorous public health campaign rolled out on mobile devices to change people’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs around COVID-19 resulting in increased consumer confidence. The WorkSafe suite of tools helps governments and businesses get America back to work. From the latest in infection prevention and control, to daily health tracking of employees, to employee education and site assessments, WorkSafe ensures compliance with community and workforce protection plans. 

NGA Partner Proofpoint has released a Threat Snapshot that examines malicious coronavirus-related cyber activity across the U.S. and Europe. They also have a resourceCoronavirus/COVID-19-Related Payment Lures on the Rise – which examines the emergence of social engineering campaigns that use the promise of coronavirus-related relief payments as lures for malware and other criminal activity. Additionally, they have compiled a consumer protection resource: Six Ways to Protect Yourself From COVID-19 Payment Fraud Attempts.

NGA Partner SAS can format real time data analysis (and provide visualization and dashboards) to help state and local COVID TASK FORCES and public health agencies track COVID-19 case reports, test results, identify presumptive cases earlier as well as at-risk patients and communities, integrate state and local data for more efficient healthcare emergency management, ensure labs are operating within capacity, enhance real time insights into critical needs areas such as hospital capacity, and ensure those individuals who test positive have access to treatment.

Stanford ‘Covid Watch’ Tool for Peer-to-Peer Contact Notification A non-profit out of Stanford developed an open source method of decentralized contact alerts to help combat COVID-19 in a privacy preserving way using a mobile app and a secure Bluetooth protocol. The app’s underlying cryptographically-secure Bluetooth protocol is being shared in an alliance of open source teams across the world, including MIT Safe Paths, which has support from the WHO. Covid Watch is ready for small scale pilots using a Bluetooth-only system this week, for states who are interested in providing the self-reporting app on a small scale (<10,000) to essential workers.

  • If you’d like to partner with this organization, you can reach out to Tina White at

NGA Partner Thomson Reuters understands the magnitude of challenges that governments, campuses, and corporations face in responding to and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. The first step to getting back to pre-coronavirus routines is implementing a detailed solution to help manage case investigations, identify and contact those exposed, and detect high transmission areas. Our solution allows for detailed, privacy-based case management, identification of movement of people within facilities, and contact data confirmation.  We can provide the data and tools you need to help your organizations more safely get back to work and school.  Learn more HERE

Volan Technology is an enterprise software startup offering AI-powered micro-location technology, enabling the most advanced contact tracing and crisis management system on the market today. Our solution is the Volan Positioning System, an AI-powered micro-location tech that delivers precise and private 3D location positioning of thousands of people on-site in your company, hotel, or school. This patented tech provides on-premise Covid-19 contact tracing in seconds for immediate intervention, automates social distancing enforcement, and delivers unprecedented advances in crisis management with the ability to report and respond to emergencies with extraordinary speed and information.

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is a nonpartisan effort that connects experienced technology teams to public servants for quick, free assistance in response to the COVID-19 crisis. USDR carefully matches highly skilled volunteers with state and local governments to strengthen decision-making and support the delivery of critical services to the public at scale. As the impact of COVID-19 expands and states’ needs evolve, USDR adapts its solutions to offer support through direct staffing, consultation, custom built tools, and shared resources. USDR’s database of more than 5,000 qualified, experienced professionals offers diverse expertise including user research and design, back-end engineering (including mainframe engineering skills), product management, and data science. You can learn more about U.S. Digital Response at

Small business and Workforce Resources

NGA Partner Adobe has released various resources to support remote work, particularly Adobe Webinars. Here is how Utah is utilizing these services. They are also offering a free 90-day access to Adobe Connect, their web and video-conferencing solution. Finally, they have expanded their online free PDF offering through Adobe Document Cloud to create and compress up to 10 PDFs per day

NGA Partner Comcast is hosting several webinars to support businesses of all sizes as they navigate the current environment. The services will include strategies on how to rethink short and long-term goals and how to leverage technology to remain productive with operations. More information and registration details are available here

FutureFit AI supports governments in the virtual service delivery of reskilling and job placement for in-demand roles by providing job seekers with an AI-powered ‘career GPS’ to navigate people through career transitions. The company uses data from over 350 million global talent profiles, live local labor market demand and projections, and proprietary algorithms to identify an individual’s skills, recommend possible career paths in their local labor market, and create a personalized roadmap of learning programs, career support resources, and coaching to drive successful job outcomes. FutureFit AI has three advanced, user-friendly interfaces: for job seekers, for coaches, and for the state to easily and efficiently monitor case management and key reporting metrics. Some of FutureFit AI’s work in helping employers reimagine layoffs through AI-powered outskilling recently received coverage from the Wall Street Journal and World Economic Forum.

COVID Loan Info is a tool that helps organizations determine eligibility for small business loans covered under the COVID-19 stimulus package. The tool prompts users one question at a time to determine which programs they qualify for and how they can access assistance. States can add this tool to their websites to help reduce the volume of requests coming through their local agencies.

NGA Partner Esri is offering free GIS mapping software and instructional activities available for instruction for all K12 schools, with special guidance for parents and teachers during the pandemic. Students in higher ed can license ArcGIS software for instruction for free through August 31, and there is guidance for students and instructors during the pandemic.

Healthcare Workforce Logistics, a Jackson Healthcare company has developed a specialized solution that leverages proprietary technology and crisis management expertise to assist healthcare delivery organizations and States in responding to surge staffing requirements due to COVID19. They have an established group of more than 100+ healthcare staffing agencies contracted to deliver physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals required to assist with managing any COVID19 response.  In addition, they have the capability to provide executive, interim management, and project management resources to assist with getting and any facility expansion or “pop up” hospital up and running.  If there is a need, they can connect the state response team to their agency consortium within 24 hours.

NGA Partner Intuit’s QuickBooks launched The Small Business Relief Initiative to support small businesses across the country including information on how to apply for Paycheck Protection Program loans. They also have prepared comprehensive guides for business owners.

NGA Partner LinkedIn, for roles focused on pandemic relief (identified based on job title such as ‘nurses’, ‘doctors’ or ‘medical assistants’), is making all Jobs free for 3 months and they will be shown front and center on our Jobs page to reach members with relevant skills as quickly as possible, and any member with the right skills will receive alerts and emails that inform them of these open roles. They’re also scaling their Recruiting for Good program to meet urgent hiring needs. LinkedIn recruiting organization is volunteering their time to help organizations that are looking to fill critical volunteer and full-time positions to support COVID-19 response. They have also increased the number of LinkedIn Learning courses available to the public as individuals are seeking to navigate career strategies in the current job market.

Fundation is a credit solutions provider focused on serving small business customers through partnerships. They can help create a streamlined digital lending process so states can deploy loans or grants using a program that the state would create to help ensure small businesses have the funding they need quickly. 

NGA Partner McKinsey & Company has a COVID Small Business Owner Resource Center that features an online collection of tools, interactive visuals, interviews with leaders, and practical resources to help small businesses and their communities respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. The site includes information on programs and support for issues such as access to financial support and government programs, expense management, employee support, and pro bono and non-financial support.

The Pilot Application for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PAPUA) is a replicable statewide benefits claims system that helps simplify the PUA application process. To the applicant, PAPUA reduces confusion and allows personal information to be inputted. To the state, it provides a customizable form and an efficient way to route a high volume of unemployment applications. The PAPUA form and data operate on a secure, cloud-based host to reduce strain on state systems.

NGA Partner Thomson Reuters Practical Law free Coronavirus Toolkit provides dozens of resources to assist Government, Healthcare, and Workplaces and more in their efforts to better manage issues that arise due to the pandemic.  Need a Federal Procurement Law Checklist; Procurements Using Federal Funding Checklist or a checklist to help with the Continuity of Operations for Local Governments?  These free resources can help.  Using Thomson Reuters Practical Law resources, you will not need to start from scratch.  Leverage our Global Coronavirus Toolkit for standard documents, checklists, and practice notes that will help you build your return-to-work plans confidently.     

Remote Work and Learning Resources

NGA Partner Adobe is now enabling students to have free personal in-home access to Adobe Creative Cloud in place of their schools’ in-classroom licenses to keep coursework, teamwork, and student progress on track. In addition, they have curated their distance learning resources through Adobe’s Education Exchange – their free online resource for educators.

Computer Science Online is an in-depth website for potential and current students considering a career with computers, software engineering, and more. They believe it’s important that individuals are well informed before investing in a college education For more information about pursuing a career in computer science or in anything related to tech, please check out these resources Online Software Engineering Career GuideFund Your Online Computer Science DegreeComputer Science Programs Before College

Purpose Prep, in partnership with NGA Partner Edgenuity, offers online social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and content for K–12 students and educators. In response to the pandemic, Purpose Prep compiled helpful free resources for students, parents, and other adults, and also built a module that addresses key SEL topics during the pandemic for students in grades 6–12.

NGA Partner Siemens Digital Industries is providing complimentary access to two sets of educational offerings (for K-12 and Higher Ed and Workforce Development) on –a searchable online database of education technology tools.

NGA Partner Siemens Foundation is providing more than 160 free Siemens STEM activities that meet national teaching standards for K-12 students. These engaging activities, made available in partnership with Discovery Education, can be sorted by grade level, category and career path on the Siemens STEM Day site including objectives, real-world tie-ins, materials needed, and step-by-step instructions.

NGA Partner The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has resources on what coronavirus means for the workplace, including telework strategies and impact of federal and state legislation on businesses.

Supply Coordination Hubs

BIO’s Coronavirus Hub and Healthcare Ready: Connections for supplies and resources will be facilitated by BIO in partnership with Healthcare Ready. For suppliers, please review the Hub’s FAQs and email

CivStart and City Innovate have partnered to identify top COVID-related govtech solutions and source problems for rapid procurement directly from state and local governments. All services in their COVID solution kit are free and serve a range of needs from getting government workflows online, to communicating with residents, to protecting essential workers.

State/local government agencies have a new option for procuring PPE:  The Defense Logistics Agency has a new program that lets state and local government agencies procure in-demand Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for public health workers and first responders using the federal government’s e-commerce platform, FedMall.  The platform provides dynamic pricing and a secure shopping experience with pre-qualified suppliers.  Offerings include cloth facemasks, protective gloves, gowns, face shields, social distancing signage, and more. 

NGA Partner IBM values its decades-long partnership with public sector agencies supporting mission critical systems, enabling both their steady-state work serving the American people and their efforts to navigate crisis and emergency response. The COVID-19 response requires state agencies and health care providers to draw on a wide base of non-traditional manufacturing capacity to address enormous needs for personal protective equipment (PPE), medical supplies and equipment, and other needs. Many of these new suppliers are not connected to health care acquisition systems. IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect helps organizations find new critical goods and PPE suppliers, see available inventories, and accelerate efforts to bring these suppliers into COVID-19 response supply chains while also establishing a view of that supply chain to quickly build trust and visibility into this rapidly evolving network.

MMCAP Infuse has established contracts and vendor relationships that enable government agencies to rapidly purchase PPE and other medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Membership to MMCAP Infuse is free, and the application will be expedited to provide access to a full breadth of products. As a government-operated GPO, MMCAP Infuse follows rigorous state government procurement regulations.

Project N95 is a non-profit rapid-response team that is helping governments and frontline organizations get PPE as quickly as possible. The team formed during the COVID-19 crisis to help organizations and governments navigate the chaotic PPE market. The recently launched Project N95 Marketplace rapidly connects frontline organizations with vetted supply using anonymous reverse auctions; suppliers receive RFQs and frontline organizations receive offers and can make purchases directly through the platform.

Project N95 specifically supports government PPE sourcing and procurement teams by providing the following:

  • Direct matching to PPE suppliers: Project N95 is continuously sourcing and vetting PPE suppliers in order to connect them to organizations with PPE needs.  If you currently have a specific need for PPE or other equipment, please submit the request here. Where it asks “How did you hear about us?” select “Other” and specify NGA.   
  • Real-time community-specific demand data: Project N95 has collected requests from frontline organizations in every U.S. State, the District of Columbia, and some territories, and is sharing with governmental officials data on which entities (hospitals/clinics/first responders/others) have made requests in their jurisdictions.

Government officials interested in accessing these resources for their state/local communitiesshould visit or contact for more information.  

NGA Partner NASPO is actively gathering updates, including ordering information, from their Contractors with a focus on those items currently in high demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. masks, gloves, gowns, cleaning supplies, etc.) as well as for those ValuePoint Contracts that entities can utilize to help facilitate the work from home option. This information is included by category and will be reviewed and updated on a daily basis.

The C19 Coalition brings crucial partners together to help build an efficient, unified supply chain for PPE and lifesaving medical devices. State governments, corporations, manufacturers, non-profits, and individuals can connect to share and request resources and information. Their members are working on every part of the problem: supply, demand, fulfillment, logistics, funding, and information tracking. They use real-time updates about what every organization is doing in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

By coordinating all emergency PPE crisis efforts, they help minimize the risk of misdirecting critical supplies to places that may need them less urgently, and increase their individual power exponentially. They are working together to ensure that every shipment of PPE sent is a life-saving shipment.

Since March, Coalition Partners have manufactured and distributed more than 100 million net new units of PPE across the country. The Coalition is working collaboratively with the National Governors Association (NGA) and directly with states like New Jersey to acquire more information about the greatest needs and how to activate public-private partnerships.


Supply Connector is a national searchable platform built to link manufacturers, material suppliers, and essential providers across the US with the vital materials, supplies, and connections they need during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, Supply Connector will bolster continued collaboration, sharing of domestic resources, and the health of U.S. manufacturing in the wake of the crisis.

Through a searchable directory, Supply Connector helps:

  1. Manufacturers find the supplies and raw materials they need
  2. Device producers find additional manufacturers
  3. Essential providers find the finished goods they need
  4. Businesses find the supplies they need to reopen (sneeze guards, foot-operated door openers, etc.)

Supply Connector is a collaboration between industry professionals in NC and CO, including Status Forward, and Good Talk, with support from the Outdoor Industry Office for NC Growing Outdoors Partnership, North Carolina Outdoor Recreation Coalition, and the Outdoor Gear Builders.

COVID Help Network connects states, their health departments and health care facilities with medical device companies and non-medical manufacturers willing to retrofit their operations to provide emergency supplies for frontline health care workers.

Unemployment Insurance

Given the recent surge in unemployment insurance (UI) claims, state and local government agencies are reaching out to NGA Partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help UI systems scale up to meet demand using cloud, stand up new cloud-based call centers, improve services to citizens using chatbots and automation, and roll out other new applications in support of their highly strained environments.

NGA Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP (EY) is working with States to help them make immediate improvements to their citizen experience leveraging the firm’s vast knowledge of the unemployment space. The services EY can provide have allowed states to rapidly expand call center and claims processing capabilities. EY has also assisted states with improving their user experience by providing accelerator tools that can aid a State in the development of re-employment strategies. COVID-19 resulted in a massive influx of unemployment claims, resulting in the immediate need to modernize overloaded websites, understaffed call centers and outdated legacy systems. Those challenges persist and continue to frustrate citizens. Once the call volume is reduced, payments are accelerated and systems are stabilized, EY can continue to help agencies implement “quick-win” and “high impact” automation processes to help re-engineer the manual nature of many current processes allowing for the integration of disconnected and disparate applications, with the goal of helping the State meet their constituents expectations.

NGA Partner Google is partnering with state agencies to supplement or redesign their unemployment systems to help handle the massive influx of unemployment claims, adapt to changing requirements and better serve constituents in this already stressful time. Google has the ability to quickly improve the user experience by modernizing interactions and intake while providing relief on (often outdated) systems and call centers immediately. After addressing the public interface with the system, Google continues to modernize the back end systems and enable analytics and machine learning to improve efficiency, reduce fraud, and lower maintenance costs. Google’s culture of innovation allows them to pivot quickly to meet the changing state needs and also efficiently modernize systems in modular increments.

NGA Partner MAXIMUS is leveraging their government entitlement program experience associated with eligibility, work verification, workforce programs, enrollment, appeals, adjudication services, claims processing, call centers, and technology-enabled digital transformation functions to deliver UI services in a number of states and jurisdictions so that public needs can be more quickly and accurately met. MAXIMUS is providing support to several states including answering and responding to public inquiries via phone, chat, and e-mail, assisting the public with applications, helping clear up dirty (rejected) claims, and assisting with the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). MAXIMUS is also able to provide adjudications and ongoing weekly certification processes to improve timeliness and to strengthen program integrity. As volumes of unemployment insurance claims remain high and as states have the need for sustainable longer term solutions, MAXIMUS is further supporting and implementing digital solutions to provide self-service and automated interaction with legacy systems to increase service while decreasing the burden on state and contractor staff.

NGA Partner NIC Inc., has launched Unemployment Claim Services that directly address the requirements of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PAU).  The solutions can be used separately, all together and/or in addition to a state’s current UI system.  The unemployment solutions meet the new requirements for addressing the gig economy workers, supplement and enhance call center offerings, provide for required weekly claims filings and allow for a secure transfer of payment to individuals using ACH, PayPal or Venmo.   

NGA Partner SAS understands and has adapted its normal approach to unemployment insurance claim fraud to address the unique pressure the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on state UI systems. Unprecedented claim volumes, aging systems, changes in eligibility — combined with a rise in attempts by domestic and overseas crime rings to steal millions from the programs —  have created a perfect storm in UI agencies.  Criminals have already taken the opportunity to strike in some states.  SAS’s Unemployment Claim Monitoring solution can be rapidly deployed to identify the most egregious fraud attacks even in systems where normal checks and balances have been suspended or are unworkable.  

Trillions of dollars in COVID-19 relief aid has been pumped into the economy since March 2020, and millions of people filed for unemployment compensation, business loans, grants, and many other types of pandemic relief—all of which government officials had to process and distribute in record time. Unfortunately, when huge sums of government money are distributed that quickly, it represents only one thing to fraudsters and criminals: opportunity. NGA Partner Thomson Reuters Government Solutions for unemployment insurance and program integrity plays a critical role supporting Government agencies to protect against fraud and ensure that funds go to those truly in need. For example, our fraud analytics solutions are currently being utilized in approximately 35% of all Unemployment Insurance and PUA claims in the US to determine risk and to reveal indicators of potential fraud. This includes identity verification to validate the identity of an individual submitting a claim, and searching for anomalies in data that may indicate fraud.  We also offer solutions to for program integrity for healthcare, social services and more. 

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is supporting state agencies responding to the unemployment crisis. They can help with issues ranging from streamlining the RFP process to reducing the number of fraudulent claims being disbursed and automate workflows to focus staff on the highest leverage activities. Contact them for a free consultation to see if there is a way they can help.

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Notification of Waiver of Liability

This is a list of commercial enterprises, nonprofit associations and individuals who have contacted NGA with offers to assist governors and state governments with the acquisition of goods and services related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  NGA has not screened, and does not endorse, the entities on this list.  State governments who wish to do business with a listed entity assume all of the legal risks and responsibilities, including a due diligence review of the entity and the product and service offered.  All state procurement policies, statutes, procedures, and regulations apply to any transaction entered into with a listed entity.  NGA makes no representations or endorsements of the products or services that are listed.  By using this list, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless NGA and its governing bodies, officers and employees from any and all loss, damage or liability arising out of or related to any transactions for goods and services that are listed.