State Strategies for Addressing K-12 Student Needs

A series of conversations with subject matter experts, state education leaders, and practitioners to explore gubernatorial strategies for addressing students’ academic needs and well-being, hosted by the NGA’s Center for Best Practices K-12 Education Team.


Strategies For Supporting Effective Afterschool And Summer Learning & Enrichment Strategies

(11 Mar 2024) This webinar showcases effective strategies and high quality models for afterschool and summer learning and enrichment programs. Governors across the country are emphasizing the importance of afterschool and summer learning and enrichment strategies as levers to further support academic supports and well-being. This webinar is a follow-up to our previous webinar, Lessons Learned from Afterschool and Summer Learning Enrichment in 2021, which provided strategies for leveraging afterschool and summer learning and enrichment programs to help accelerate learning and re-engage students through the disruption of COVID-19.

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Comprehensive Strategies To Address School Safety (19 Jan 2024)

This webinar showcases research related to comprehensive approaches for addressing school safety across the areas of public safety, mental and behavioral health, and education. Expert panelists offer lessons learned and promising practices from Nevada and New Hampshire and outline recommendations and effective strategies for Governors across the country to move these efforts forward.

Lessons From The World’s High-Performing Education Systems: A Conversation With Andreas Schleicher (12 Apr 2023)

This webinar features a conversation with Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary General at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Schleicher discusses global policy and research relating to K-12 education, including international models for addressing academic supports, student mental health and well-being and educator recruitment and retention.

Strategies For Cross-Agency Collaboration To Support Student Well-Being (22 Mar 2023)

This webinar discusses strategies for cross-agency collaboration, including children’s cabinets, in support of student well-being and whole child policy. Panelists offer lessons learned and best practices from states across the country. They also highlight recommendations for how state agencies can better partner with each other and how cross-agency coordination can result in more effective use of federal relief funding.

Addressing The Comprehensive Needs Of Students And Families Through Community Schools And Wraparound Supports (3 Nov 2022)

This webinar discusses strategies to address the comprehensive needs of students and families through community schools and wraparound supports. Panelists explain the evidence in this field, discuss how community schools and integrated student supports can be a model for collaborative leadership and parent, family, and community engagement, and offer recommendations for Governors and other state policy leaders.

Parent, Family, Student and Community Engagement with K-12 Schools (27 Sep 2022)

This webinar discusses strategies to improve parent, family, student and community engagement with K-12 schools. Panelists explain the research in this field, offer recommendations for state policy leaders and highlight innovative and evidence-based models that have been successful in schools and communities across the country.

Supporting Students With Disabilities (15 Dec 2021)

This webinar explores strategies for supporting students with disabilities as schools look to recover from disrupted instruction. Panelists offer lessons learned and promising practices, especially related to access to digital tools and literacy, efforts in academic recovery, and addressing the holistic needs of students during and beyond the pandemic. 

Supporting English Learners (9 Dec 2021)

This webinar highlights strategies for supporting English learners in K-12 schools during and beyond the pandemic. Panelists address concerns about interrupted learning, students’ holistic needs, and school staff shortages and offer recommendations for potential improvements moving forward.  

Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (7 Dec 2021) 

This webinar focuses on strategies for supporting students experiencing homelessness, which often overlaps with other subgroups of students with unique needs and is a population that was disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Recommendations touch on how to reach a mobile student population and opportunities for academic recovery with progress in closing the digital divide. 

Supporting Students In Tribal Communities (2 Dec 2021)

This webinar explores strategies for supporting students in tribal communities, particularly as they have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Topics of discussion include the digital divide, academic recovery, and student wellbeing.  

Lessons Learned from Afterschool and Summer Learning and Enrichment in 2021 (2 Nov 2021)

This webinar highlights lessons learned for afterschool and summer learning programs during the pandemic and Summer 2021. Panelists offer recommendations regarding accelerating learning, re-engaging students, and effective use of federal funding that schools can implement as students continue to learn inside and outside the classroom this year and as leaders begin planning for Summer 2022.

Reengaging Students During And Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic (22 Oct 2021)

This webinar explores strategies for Governors to help school districts in addressing chronic absenteeism and reengaging students as they continue learning in pandemic-disrupted circumstances. The webinar offers lessons learned and promising practices for: helping students get back on the path to graduation and postsecondary success; reducing chronic absenteeism; building strong relationships with students and families; and addressing the holistic needs of students during and beyond the pandemic.

Advancing Equity Through State Education Budgets During & Beyond COVID (4 Mar 2021)

This webinar explores opportunities, challenges, and strategies for governors as they create and move forward state education budgets during and beyond COVID-19. Topics of the conversation include how governors can maximize new federal funding to plan for both the short- and long-term educational needs of states and school districts and strategies for advancing equity at the state and district level.